Monday, 20 February 2012

Report Card for Summer

Dear Gaia,

We are writing to you to to inform you of your daughter, Summer's, performance over the last season. We are concerned that over the past few months, Summer has not been providing us with the hot weather we usually come to expect of her. Although we have been experiencing the odd sunburn and thunderstorms in the evenings which are characteristic of Summer, temperatures are not reaching much above 26 degrees celsius on average during the day and the nights are still relatively cool. Light jackets are still required at night in February. Additionally, Summer has brought with her this season an unprecedented level of rain, which although is good for the garden, isn't good for normal outdoor activities like boating, sports and picnicking. This is not the sort of behaviour we expect to see in December, January and February.

We have reason to believe that Summer has been greatly influenced lately by another element, La Nina, who tends to be a bad influence on many seasons resulting in cool and wet weather conditions. Summer's long-term friendship with El Nino, which resulted in the warm and dry season we have come to expect, appears to have ended and we are concerned that this new friendship with La Nina is affecting her ability to perform the necessary tasks required for the season.

We would appreciate your cooperation in discussing our concerns with Summer to help resolve these issues. We look forward to an improved performance by Summer next year.


The people of eastern Australia.

P.S. Please find attached an image of what we would like to see from Summer next year.


  1. Personally I think Summer is afraid of the Council since she heard they're removing all the dangerous parts of nature.

  2. The weather is bizarre here too. I took Ziggie out for a walk this morning in a sweatshirt and pj pants and was not cold at all. I come inside just as the morning news show I watch showed a picture of snow on the big island of Hawaii. This is not common for NW Indiana in February (we're fairly close to Chicago for a point of reference). I'm just worried that since we've not really had an extended hard freeze this winter that spring plants are going to bloom early and allergy season is going to be awful.