Thursday, 1 December 2011

Parents with Prams Car Spaces

If there's one thing that really gets up my nose, it's people that view themselves as more important or special than the rest of us, for no good reason. People that have children often fall into this category. Suddenly, they're more important than everyone else. And society encourages it. We're forever hearing how "working families are doing it tough" or about the tax breaks families receive.

Well, this train of thought has infiltrated shopping centres. Over the last few years I have noticed these so-called 'Parents with Prams' special car spaces popping up. Now, I have no problem with special parking for the disabled or the elderly, but special parks for people that choose to bring their young children to the shopping centres? Please!

I had no idea that when you have children, your legs fall off. What a disaster! Thank goodness I found this out before taking the plunge into motherhood. However, last time I checked, being disabled isn't a choice, but parenthood is.

I'm not going to deny that these parks would make life a little easier for parents who do have young children. They most certainly do, but I don't see why this should be at the expense of everyone else. There seems to be a sense of entitlement from parents to these car parks. While we're at it, maybe we should start introducing special car parks for women that wear uncomfortable shoes?

The world population hit seven billion last month, which goes to show that people are quite successful at the breeding game. And you must wonder, how did they do it before 'Parents with Prams' parks!

Maybe this stems from my lack of experience with prams, but wouldn't they make great devices to hang shopping bags from, kind of like trolleys? Think about that next time you see me struggling with heavy shopping bags that are cutting my fingers off. Now, where are those 'People with Weak Arms' car spaces . . . . . ?


  1. Q. You actually think people WANT to take their kids to shopping centers
    Q. How dangerous do you think a shopping centre car park is to a young child, and don't you think the less time children are in this environment the better?
    Since you are low in knowledge of children's products, strollers are NOT supposed to have extra bags hanging off them. They have weight restrictions. Which mostly, only is a small amount on top of weight of child. So pushing a stroller and a trolley of groceries by yourself takes some skill. You park your car at front door and have us squeeze past it while pushing all that.
    End note. Can't wait to see you one day maybe, use one of these spaces.

  2. It's a shame you couldn't see the lightheartedness of this post, Nicole. It's not a personal attack. But no, I don't think these car spaces are necessary. It's a nice gesture by the shopping centres to encourage parents with young children into their complex. Because I'm a nice person (despite what some people may think) I have never parked in the Parents with Prams parks when they are available. Although I don't agree with them I acknowledge that getting prams and children out of cars is harder than just me getting out, but these parks aren't entitlements. These car spaces are put right next to disabled parks, giving everyone the impression they are just as important. They're not. And we all grew up fine before they were around.

    If car parks are so dangerous for children, why bring them there? I realise this isn't always an option, but if it is so dangerous people wouldn't bring them along as often as they do. If that's the case, the Parents with Prams car parks are actually encouraging children into the space.

  3. I really hope you choose to revisit this discussion/topic/'light hearted' rant when you one day have children Kate. Only then will you understand how important these parks can be to an already stressed mother, stress in some part caused by narrow minded 'light heartedness' such as yours...

  4. Hahaha. If you decide to have children one day (which i guess im assuming since you mentioned 'knowing' all this before you venture into motherhood) And the tax cuts etc if people dont work and have children they are called 'bludgers' by all kinds of people and yet if they work and need childcare they receive benefits and tax cuts but oh thats right your sick of hearing all about this. I do hope one day if/when you decide to have children that you wont take the tax cuts or the benefits becauseyou wont need them will you? Because you think you are so much better then everyone else so you go and pay full price for childcare and park way down the back with children running out in front of cars. And for god sake if your shopping bags are that heavy use a freakin trolley and quit bitchin about it!!!

  5. What a stupid blog.. are you trying to be clever or funny? Not sure but you come across like you are stomping your foot like a two year old - sorry to hear how disadvantaged you are without children because 5 spots are taken up for those awful idiots who choose to bring their kids to the shosp. Cos, you know, it's sooo much fun dragging them along of course you would choose to. PS - if your arms hurt carrying your shopping get a trolley!

  6. i hope one day when you do have kids you don't make use of those spots because that would be like admitting you were wrong, wouldn't it? Oh wait that's right you wouldn't take your kids to the shops cos it is a choice after all! haha

  7. Luckily when you have kids, you also don't give a toss what people think because your dignity was left in the hospital carpark when in labour. Your life is commited to your child and you do (and wear!) what it takes to get it done, even if it involves visiting shopping centres (Oh no!) to visit a doctor, get food to feed my child or perhaps some clothes for them! We didn't ask for these carparks but I am grateful for them because the the amount of times I have had to try very awkwardly to get my infant in their carseat from the other side of the car because some thoughtless twat thought he'd park an inch from the door... Most childless people would never consider to look at the adjacant car - who thinks their better than who now?!

  8. i have to say what if you have no-one to watch your kid/kids hubby at work you have no friends or family. so you there for have no choice but to take the kid/s with you to the store so there fore the parks are really good..

  9. So what you think that every parent gets those parks what drives me nuts is the fact that a hell of a lot of people that park in those spaces don't have a pram or children just decide its closes to the door which in the case of the town i live in they are not closer than any other park but if you look closely are wider. I personal hate it when you park and the fricking person next to you parks that close they leave no room for you to put your infant in the car and do up their belts don't knw the number of times when parent spaces haven't been available that i have had to put my child in from the front seat to have room to get them in and do up there five point safety harness. Grow up and think about the whole situation. They aren't there to be close to the door with disabled parking they are with disabled parking because the spaces are bigger to allow car doors space to open. One day you'll learn that getting a baby into a care isn't as easy as yourself.

  10. Mothers of the world unite! For goodness sake . . . .

    Don't worry, I'm fully aware that I'll be outnumbered on this one. And the idea of "oh just wait until you have kids" doesn't fly either, as I doubt I will morph into a completely different person as a result. As I said in a previous comment, I don't park in these spaces now, I simply don't agree that they are necessary.

    Also, if you don't like what I have to say, no one is forcing you to read my blog.

  11. Do you not realise that these spots for tired, sleep deprived parents who )dont have a nanny sevice on call so they can go do thier neccessary shopping without the kids are lifesavers!!! they are there to help mothers keep thier kids safe, to aid them in what is undoubtedly the hardest and most stressful (and totaly rewarding) stage of thier life...I have found this to be utterly disrespectful and incredibly insulting...SHAME ON YOU!!

  12. Are you an having a go or just completely stupid? The spots are wider because some morons don't know how to park in between the lines (yes I know it's soooo hard) and trying to get a baby out of the car with about 2 inches to open your door isn't as easy as you think. Then there's the fact you need your pram nearby to put said baby into. Maybe next time I will just leave the pram behind the car on the road and hope some idiot bogan doesn't try to run it over... I hope to god you don't put your hand up for benefits if you ever have children either, youre too good for them

  13. Wow realy? How many parking spaces are located at your local shopping center? mine has 100's (four levels in one area three in another)with ALOT located near the main entrances yet only a handfull for parents/prams. What's next, the parent's toilets? how they give you extra room to fit a pram in while you pee or seats to feed your children? why not bag the motor bike spaces while your at it...

  14. Its not that we dont like what your saying we would just like you to remove the cotton wool from your eyes and live in the real world where kids are here the spew on you they shit on you and they cry in the shopping centres because you have to take them with you....... whats your next blog going to be on the parents rooms in the shopping centres???

  15. Oh yeah how terrible of them to give us parents rooms to feed and change our babies. Shame on you westfields....

  16. I'm so sorry. I'll park on the otherside of the carpark, risking my sons life while I'll juggle the pram, trolley and screaming baby and just hope that the cars speeding through will just maybe stop before hitting us.
    Just so the people with no children can feel important enough.

  17. Yes, I am more important than you as far as my daughter is concerned. I am responsible for her safety. And that, I'm afraid is much higher on my priorities than your self involved need for 'equality'.

  18. I don't your blog - Just this post. So rest assured I won't feel the need to read it again.

    Did you really expect to put a comment option on your blog and have no-one reply?

  19. Oh my goodness, I can't even read all of these comments. How funny that all of a sudden all of these anonymous people have showed up to your blog.

    Kate, I am a mom, and I found your post hilarious. I love your sarcastic, light hearted point of view on all kinds of subjects. Keep on blogging and those of us who really read your blog will keep on reading.

    Of course it's difficult to lug a baby around in a car seat. And it's especially difficult to get them out of the car when there's snow and ice on the ground. Then try pushing that stroller across the snow. But you're right, it's my choice to have a baby and my choice to go shopping. When my kids were babies, I learned to make more thoughtful decisions about when and where I shopped. If a parking lot had spaces that were too tight, I just didn't go there when I had to take my baby. And if there's one thing I've noticed about inconsiderate drivers and parkers- it's usually parents of young children that are the most inconsiderate because they're so consumed in their own little world that they fail to notice what's going on around them.

    Take heart in this: at least you can type correctly and have good grammar and punctuation skills....unlike most of your anonymous commenters.

  20. And you're right, strollers are awesome for hanging bags & purses on!

  21. Interesting post. I am not going to post a comment that belittles you and makes you feel like you're being attacked by all the mothers of the internet, because 20 months ago I would have given you a "you tell em sister!" - oh, the changes you experience when you become a parent. But how are you supposed to know all the little things about parenting that you have no reason to read about right now?
    So I'm going to try and enlighten you, not slam you down...
    Mothers think are more important & have a sense of entitlement: Well, some do, but only the ones who also thought they were the most important person in their grade 12 class. The real feeling is that mothers think their CHILDREN are more important than anyone else. And they're right. The chemical hormonal attachment I have to my son ensures that he is the most important person to me on the planet. I would die for him. Most people don't experience this level of attachment until they have a baby, so it is impossible for you to know the intensity of it. This love means that if someone is parking in that PWP space and I am driving past with a screaming (emotionally distressed!) baby, I WANT THAT SPACE! If it means that I can get into the shops with less chance of my toddler running through a danger carpark, I WANT THAT SPACE! It comes down to the love we have for our children, not the fact that we think we're more important than the average childless person.
    Families doing it tough: I'm just going to touch on this one given the fact that you only briefly mentioned it. The benefits of a parent not working and staying home with a young child are far in excess of what you could imagine. Of course this is not to say that day care is the devil, but if you can help your child ease into childhood from babyhood & toddlerhood, you'll do it. Ask any working mother - they'd rather be at home with their babies.
    Choices: Ah, this made me giggle. I thought I'd have choices when I had a kid. It's ok, give them a bottle, leave them with a grandparent, go to the shops for a few hours. Oh, how wrong I was. What happens when your child screams the second you leave the room? What happens when your child relies on you for their nutrition, love, attachment, bonding and sleep - and no one else can give them these things? No, the baby isn't spoiled (I know that's what you're going to think!) - these are perfectly normal developmental stages for children and you can't just make a "choice" to go out without them if you are an emotionally available parent. It just isn't part of the package!
    Lots of people don't realise this until they have kids, so the choice isn't always easy ;)
    Prams would make good trolleys: Tell me that next time you see me juggling a baby in a carrier on my front, a pram in front of me, a trolley in the other hand, managing to do my grocery shopping, then getting out of the car with a toddler under my arm and 8 grocery bags in my hands because more than one trip would result in a screaming toddler. It's not easy, I tell ya!
    I do apologise for the length of my post, but I just couldn't help myself, and all these mothers slamming you probably need to remember back to before they were parents. It's pretty easy to forget... they all probably once thought that parents with prams carparks were ridiculous too.

  22. My god Kate, it seems people just cannot accept that there are different opinions to theirs. You know exactly how I feel about this topic, you know I agree with you. As does Matt. I noticed something interesting the other day, the pwp spaces were closer at a particular shopping centre then the disabled, however they have now also added a heap of 'express' which will definitly be abused.

    It amazes me how many anonymous people have posted such negative, poorly written, mean-spirited things on this blog, it's just an opinion people I'm starting to this these parents have a similar attitude as the screaming toddlers they cart around.

    The point is - people got by fine 10 years ago without these parks, so they shouldn't be so vital today.

  23. Parking Inspector1 December 2011 at 19:45

    A few observations regarding all the super-mums coming out of the woodwork -

    1 - Learn to construct real sentences. Your inability to form a sentence is undermining your argument.

    2 - Since when did the shopping centre carpark become the most dangerous place on Earth? If you find the carpark such a dangerous place, surely you find any residential street equally dangerous? Do you refuse to park your car on the street if you can't park right outside a shop you want to visit, for fear of being run over? Also, if your child is strapped into your pram and under your control, then surely the chance of them running into the path of a car is zero.

    3 - Maybe the people that are complaining that it's so difficult to lift their kids into the back seat should consider selling their landcruiser, prado, F250, or any other large car that's really too big for shopping centre car parks. The proportion of large four wheel drives in shopping centres is stupidly high. This would also give more space between cars.


  24. It amazes me that I've been accused of being selfish and inconsiderate to the poor mothers of the world who NEED their special car parks, but it would be nice to see these anonymous commenters turn the mirror on themselves after the comments we're seen here today. Although, I do appreciate the comments of reason from both sides of the argument.

    Do you want to know how hard parenting can be? Why not move to the impoverished areas of Africa or any war-torn country on the planet? I suspect you would be happy with any shopping centre that hadn't been bombed from the sky.

    Just a warning, my next blog post is going to feature those "delightful" My Family stickers, so if you have any sort of regard for these, I suggest you do not return.

  25. I'm sorry Kate I don't understand why your so opinionated over something such as a car park. Seriously the 5 to possible 10 (in larger centers) parks that are available to parents with prams wouldn't even make up 5% of actual parents with pram shoppers that attend these centers. I am soon to be a mother of 3, have a husband who works away and family who live interstate. Am I not meant to eat or clothe my children because people like you think I have the choice whether to take them to the shopping center or not? Yes these parks are convenient but 9 times out of 10 I wouldn't get one of these wider car spaces due to them being full. Also at my shopping center there is seniors car parks at the same distance to those parents with prams. Do you have the same opinion for these seniors? Why should they park closer to the entrance of the center and have wider spaces if they aren't truly disabled?

  26. I saw a my family sticker that just had a single woman, no kids no pets, it was kinda sad.

    And P.I is right!

  27. Sharni, if you actually read the post thoroughly you would see in my second paragraph that I think special parking for the elderly is fine. In many cases being elderly is similar to being disabled (difficulty walking, etc). And if you read my 'About' page you will see I have an opinion on everything :)

  28. I totally agree Kate. These entitled "Mommies" need to get over themselves. No one forced you to have a kid so don't bitch to me about how 'hard' it is once you do.

    Your body managed to perform basic biology! *golf clap*

    Your not any more special than the rest of us with slight inconveniences. So, no park for you!

    Good post P.I!

  29. your an idiot! it's not a right or a privilege to have those car parks, it's a convenience every parent appreciates and is thankful for. Tax cuts and childcare benefits are the reason so many mothers return to work so soon after having children as opposed to sitting at home getting paid by your precious tax. and strollers and prams can hold your hand bag, your child's nappy bag and maybe one or two bags if you have a large pram. not the amount of groceries needed to feed a family of 5 for a week or a box of nappies etc. it's nice that your sure your not going to morph into some different person when you have kids... all mothers have been there. one day you will have a baby and within months you will become one of us, one of those women walking around with mess hair, no make up, black circles under the eyes and a happy well loved child. you will become protective of that little life and you WILL take advantage and appreciate all of the things that are on offer to make your life that little tiny bit easier. you WILL because it's whats best for your child. I am yet to meet a mother who doesn't do what is best for her child...if you want to be the first you should prepare to be judge even more harshly then you have here today. in the mean time enjoy your "childless idiot" opinion on parents and parenthood and i hope to see you revisit this post 5 years after becoming a mother.

  30. Kylie - if becoming a mother means becoming a she-devil like most of the commenters on here today, then I may just skip that phase in life. It is very obvious that the 'motherhood' is a judgmental, highly strung group to join. It may not be worth it . . . . becoming "one of you"

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. i would say that you are the one missing out if you choose not to become a mother. you think yourself clever for "knowing" so much but what you actually reveal is how "un-knowing" or ignorant you really are about a large group in our society. I think the shopping centres that offer these car spaces are great. mind you, i haven't had the luxury of parking in one because they are always full. Usually by people who DON'T have children and prams which really annoys the crap out of me.

  33. Im glad you are considering not becoming a mother! people like you should not breed.

  34. whenever i try to use the parent parking spots at my shops there is always old disabled people parking there because they can't tell the difference between the blue pram pic and the blue disabled pic. I don't cry about it cos I don't feel a sense of entitlement because I am a parent, I just park elsewhere. I don't feel as though I am owed a special parking priviledge purely because I have my own screaming midget football team on board. I also don't feel as though my taxes pay for these parking spots as they are provided by the developers and shopping centre owners, so don't really get your argument about having to fund them through your hard earned taxes? I'm not the hardcore mummy type you seem to have the real issue with, but they are practical and have their place in shopping centres now which are way bigger and more crowded than they were 10 years ago, I really think when you are a parent one day you will discover that you can appreciate the convenience of the facilities provided for parents nowadays without turning into one of "those" entitled mummy types, and you will find most often than not that unless you turn up at the shops at 8am you won't be able to park there anyway.

  35. as for the comment about selling the "too big for carpark" cars and getting a smaller one....
    Try finding a car smaller that fits the carseats in them which are required by law. Not so easy is it. The way i see it, they can make all parking spaces bigger which is a disadvantage by decreasing the overall number of parks. Or they can offer a few (which is all it really is) wider spaces for those who require it so that it means that people can actually go buy their groceries. No its not the biggest necessity in the world to have these car parking spaces, but anything that makes somebodies life just a bit easier without huge detrimental effects on everybody else gets my vote.

  36. Until you are a mother you will never understand it. If becoming a mother turns you into a she-devil, because you have an opinion on how life is different with kids in tow, then what does that make you for writing this judgemental, arrogant post?

  37. I'm a mum and I love using those spots.. But I can also see your point of view (about the car parks, not the childcare) and found myself giggling at your post.. I didn't realise parking spots would get such a response!

  38. Kate, forget about PWP spaces... we need PWP shopping centres!

    Then all of us single and/or childless people can shop in peace and quiet, with no screaming kids and with no man or woman above anyone else in the shopping centre car park hierarchy.

    Then parents can have a shopping centre full of wide spaced parks for their Range Rovers and all the parent rooms they could imagine to clean up their runny-nosed dribbling kids, with no inconsiderate childless people making life ever so hard for them!

    Wouldn't it be great?

    ** In case you couldn't tell, my comment - much like Kate's blog - was made with tongue planted firmly in cheek. High horses and computers don't mix, so I suggest that you either get off one, or both! **

  39. Parking Inspector2 December 2011 at 04:40


    In response to my post, you wrote "Try finding a car smaller that fits the carseats in them which are required by law. Not so easy is it."

    Are you trying to convince all of us living in the real world that the only cars available to super-mums are super-large SUV'S that are totally unnecessary in the urban environment? If so, Über-fail on your behalf.

    Try again.

  40. I was born in 1986. From when I was the ages of zero (0) to five (5) my parents owned a very early 80's two door Toyota Celica, in an age where Parent Parking didn't exist.

    Somehow (now this may shock you all), I was not hurt in any way, shape or form on any trip into the dangerous war-zone know as the shopping centre car park.

    I'm quite sure, with the vast improvements to technology that have happened over the the years, that today's cars of the same or similar size are quite capable of transporting a child to and from a shopping centre without incident and with groceries intact.

    Perhaps if you need a Toyota Tarago to complete this task then maybe having 3 kids in 4 years wasn't such a great idea. Or maybe parents just aren't as good anymore...

  41. You mean I should actually have get a babysitter to go out or watch my child while in the parking lot? I'm far to important to do either of those things now that I'm a mommy. Since giving birth to my little bundle of joy every other person on the planet needs to stop what their doing and make my personal choice easier on me(with the exception of other mommy's of course). While I'm at it I don't care that I'm ruining your dinner out by letting my kid scream and run around this restaurant because again the world is all about me. Oh get over that my kid is sick and sneezing all over you, I mean think of how SHE feels with her little wittle cold. I mean even now when I should be spending time with my little one I'm online fighting meanie people who don't understand how hard it is being a mom today, it's like living in the 1800 or something.

  42. Wow - I was provided a link to this blog via Facebook and I know (for whatever strange reason) it is such a controversial topic.

    Firstly I drive a 2 door 1995 Nissan Micra and quite easily fit my daughter's very large carseat and there is still plenty of room for a second capsule/seat for when we have our second child - so the argument that hints that parents need these huge cars to fit their kids in safely is lost on me because I do just fine in my tiny wee car.

    I utilise the Parents with Prams parks if they are available because I do like the extra width to be able to put my daughter in the car but if there are none there I do not stress over it and get huffy - I drive around and usually try and find a further away park where the chances of someone parking too close to me are slim and I hold my daughter's hand and we walk - when she was not a walker I......wait for it.....strapped her into her pram and pushed her through the car park! I really do not think it is as hard as some people have made it out to be here.

    If I had to do a big shop I ordered online, went with my husband, left her at home with her daddy so I could have 5 mins to myself or sat her in the trolley - I found ways around all the arguments that people are making towards Kate's views.

    I just think that this particular topic does not need to have so much hostility surrounding it - deal with the fact people without kids park in them and lose some anger - life is too short to be so angry about things that are so trivial.

    Oh and Kate - my family not get me started on those. I have 3 words - I HATE THEM!!!! :-)

  43. Thanks for your voice of reason, Tash. It's nice to know there are some mothers out there who don't take themselves too seriously.

    Maybe you should head back in a week or so to see the post on the My Family stickers. Should be a good one :)

  44. wow... mothers of the world unite indeed! and the majority of them have terrible spelling and grammar!

    Firstly, awesome blog Kate! This is one of my favourite topics lately as well.

    Im not sure which "super-mum" said it above in there comments (probably one of the anonymous gutless wonders who don't wish to be named) but at no point ever have we said that you should not come to the shops to get your groceries. BUT if it is that big an ordeal with the prams and the trolleys and the "dangerous car-park" environment, not to mention looking after your child as well! wouldn't it be easier to just forgo the whole ordeal and I don't know, do your shopping on the internet? Coles and Woolworths both allow you to shop online! Woolworths even have an app for that! Now yes that costs more with delivery and all that rubbish... but if going to the shops is so stressful doesn't the extra money make it almost worth having your groceries delivered to your door? Just be sure to have a designated park reserved for the delivery person (its only fair)!

    As for the subject of needing a giant SUV to carry your kids around in... seriously? wake up to yourself. My parents have never owned anything bigger than an old sigma station wagon!
    Now they do the rounds with their grand kids in a Mazda3, this includes occasionally taking them to the shops where they don't use parents with pram parking! But how can they manage in a vehicle that doesn't have 7 seats and 4 wheel drive and a bull bar? I've never heard them complain so it cant be too hard. Now some people might want to argue the safety aspect of driving their kids around in a Prado or similar sized vehicle. And yes I will admit you and your children will be safer should you have an accident with another vehicle, however the person in the other car doesn't stand a chance! Now, I don't remember who I heard say this, but I heard this person talking about buying his partner a new vehicle to drive her and their children around in. He ultimately decided to get her a large 4 wheel drive. When asked why, he replied that they were planning on having more kids and would need a large car etc. He then went on to say that she wasn't the best driver so he wanted them to be safe! Just because a car is big doesn't make it safe. A quick browse through the ANCAP safety website showed me that there are more 5 start small cars then there are large SUV's.

    I'll leave it at that for now, although there is plenty more I could say on the subject.

  45. Firstly, I have never used a parents with prams parking spot in 9 years of being a parent. Partly because I don't like prams and mostly used a carrier, partly because I don't drive so only had a car with me if my partner was there too.
    Secondly, there are no more of the parents with prams spots now than there were 9 years ago when my eldest was born.
    Thirdly, the point of the spots is not so much that parents can't walk, it's the extra width that is handy to get young kids out of a 5-point harness carseat and into a pram without either contorting oneself into painful positions or bumping the adjacent cars.
    Fourthly, of course they are not necessary, but what harm does it do to show a little courtesy to people? Just to acknowledge that yes, having babies and young children and getting them in and out of a car is difficult. Why do the spots make so much of a difference to you, have YOUR legs fallen off?
    I bet you are one of those people I struggled with for years who doesn't stand up for pregnant women or people with prams/babies in the priority seats on buses and trains. By the time my youngest was born I would just point at the sign and politely but directly ask them to move.

  46. I had a giggle because my verification word when I posted my previous comment was "karma". If you either have children one day, or suffer from something that even temporarily affects your mobility (note: I am not wishing this upon you in any way, I hope it does not happen), balance or similar, perhaps this post will come back to bite you in the bum.

  47. Ok guys, please actually read the post fully before commenting on things that I do not say. I do not say that my tax dollars go into these car parks, I never mention childcare and I have no problem with special parks for the disabled or the elderly. I acknowledged that the car spaces are a nice gesture and even said in a reply that I make a point of not parking in them.

    If/when I do have children I will not expect any sort of special treatment. And I seriously doubt that my opposition to these car parks will make me a terrible parent. If can't look at this post and say "Haha, yeah it is pretty silly that we worry about special car parks while women in Africa are having trouble keeping their family alive" then you are taking life too seriously, and I feel sorry for you.

  48. Tash you give me hope that not all mothers today are brain dead like a lot of the "super mums" who have posted on here. Parenting has gotten easier over the years not harder so stop your bitching.

  49. parking inspector,
    i only have 2 kids myself so i don't have a big car myself, and i do care about the environment. i am one of the few who use cloth nappies instead of disposables. my point was that if you have 3 kids who are required to be in carseats/booster seats by law (i don't make the law so you can't blame me on that one, i know i did fine without being in a carseat till 7), then the cars that fit them in are generally speaking bigger cars, (wider) and so the parents with prams car space makes it possible to be able to park somewhere where you can actually get the kids out of the car. i was just throwing another perspective on the matter in regards to parking spaces being wide enough and why that might be the case.

    there are so many factors to take into consideration that the original post seems to have not considered when saying how bad it is that parents with prams are privileged to get a car space of their own.

    As for online shopping, some of us actually like to be human and social and leave the house. and also not everyone has online shopping available to them. for instance i live 45km from my shopping center who don't deliver. if i leave the kids behind i then have to find a babysitter. i had kids to be mum, to be part of their lives, to do things with them, not to leave them behind all the time.

  50. Fair enough Heidi, there are a lot of factors that can be taken into consideration, however this post was written for my regular followers of this blog. My chosen audience didn't originally include the 'Fairness to Mother's Society' and it would have been rather rude to intentionally send this to people to deliberately razz them up.

    This was shared beyond it's usual scope. I realise how easily things can be spread over the net and I have made it so anyone can post a reply on this blog. I like to hear what people have to say, but that means that I'm open to other people's take on the situation, unlike many of the commenters on here. The name-calling and belittling comments are highly disappointing and represent a a group of people that I want no association with.

    Ironically, many of the comments on here actually prove my point that some parents see the parks as an entitlement. It's a nice gesture ONLY, like courtesy seats for bored husbands in the shopping centres. It wouldn't be the end of the world if they weren't there. Just relax people.

  51. I agree completely with your post, Kate and couldn't have said it better myself! And since you have already managed to piss in a bunch of people's Cheerios, I'll add some more fuel to the fire and get the super moms even more fired up. (If you feel like I'm hijacking your blog, please feel free to remove my post)

    1) Sit down restaurants need to have a no children under 10 policy after, say, 8pm. Few things irritate me more than having some toddler throwing food, screaming, wandering around in the aisles, or standing up in the booth and pulling my hair with their applesauce encrusted hands. I don't have the opportunity to go out on a date with my husband that often and the last thing I want is your precious little offspring interrupting my dinner and putting me in a bad mood. Realistically young children really shouldn't be up past 8pm anyway.

    2) I think family friendly seating at the back of airplanes is a profound idea that needs implemented on all flights longer than two hours in duration post haste. Flying is pretty much a miserable experience all the way around for anyone, but can be exponentially more miserable if you happen to be unfortunate enough to sit within several rows of a screaming infant (yes, I realize that sometimes there isn't a whole lot that parents can do about this) or are misfortunate enough to get to sit in front of a toddler who gets entertainment out of kicking your seat nonstop for the duration of the flight. And while I'm on the topic of children and flying, I would like to point out that the only appropriate place to change a diaper is on the diaper changing station provided in the restroom. It's bad enough that you have to smell your child's diaper, but please, for the love of God, don't inflict that misery on the rest of the cabin.

    For the record, no I am not a parent. And the longer I am not a parent the more things I add to my list of things I'll never do when I'm a parent. I'm also confident enough in my own opinion to to not hide behind an "anonymous" tag. :)

    Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

  52. Great post, Kate!

    I prefer Senior and Handicapped Parking (the ones who REALLY need Handicapped Parking...most people who use it don't need the ramps...think about it) over stork parking any day of the week. It's no wonder kids are little tubbies these days. >:D

  53. Hey Guy. Just came back from Charlestown Square. You were right.......

  54. Hm. Seems to me that when I was a kid, we were fine to get in and out of the shopping center without needing special parking spots. Even my grandparents thought those special spots were stupid and unnecessary. The handicapped and elderly need special spots, that's a NEED. Those who have babies and strollers do not NEED them, they just want them. Not the same thing.

  55. And there you have it. Thank you Traci for reminding everyone what Kate's post was all about.

  56. I was on vacation recently. One evening at the resort there was a family having dinner. Their 2 children were running circles around their table the entire time. Disruptive enough until the boy fell, smashed his nose, screamed, had to have all the staff come take care of him and managament make amends to the parents. How relaxing.
    The very next morning, in the same dining room, I observed a mother with her young daughter (3ish). The daughter sat straight in her seat, napkin folded in her lap, used her dining utensils, even waited in that perfect position while her mother went to the buffet line. Mother and daughter were smiling the whole time.
    Which example makes me want to have children and enjoy having an extended family?

    I am rather tired of people bemoaning how hard their life is. Everyone has problems and choices. Children have become so indulged and allowed to "just be" that it causes more harm than realized. I'm sure it is moreso a few making a bad name for others, as can be seen in many other areas (teenagers, pet owners, etc). But really? How about we say "oh cool, a parking space" instead of "how dare you it is my right and need!".
    Does anyone else not remember station wagons with rear facing third row seats?? I would say those were more dangerous than a parking lot. Maybe parents just don't want to spend the time responsibily training their kids to listen, wait, look and hold their hand while in the lot...too bad. Well trained kids are a joy to be around.

  57. LOL! I LOL'd so hard at MATTHEW whinging about everyone's grammar and then he himself says THERE instead of THEIR. DOOFUS!

    Also just so you know Kate I didn't see the humour in your post?
    Just seemed like you were having a dig for fun.

  58. You say that if we don't like what you have to say in your blog, than not to read it. Well Kate, if you are going to put your opinion, publicly, on a blog, then don't expect people to all appreciate your opinion or agree with it. You seem like you have alot of time to poke fun and bag out parents and families, which makes sense, as you aren't a mother yourself, you obviously haven't found the joy children bring and are putting your stupid opinions and negative, nasty attitude all over the net for people to read. Make you feel a bit more special now??? Stupid. Enjoy being bitter and lonely sweetheart!

  59. Hmm, funny you mention it 'A Mum!'. If I have all this time to write my opinion because I don't have kids, then why do so many mothers have all this time to comment on it?

    I also like how you assume that I'm bitter and lonely without kids. Try young, free and loving life with a great group of family and friends. Enough said.

  60. Hey Kate,
    I was told about your blog and have just killed myself laughing at all the comments.
    Kylie: People like you should not breed.... Kate do not take this seriously.. We need people like you breeding to raise the national IQ level average, It helps make up for people like Kylie that have helped lower it!
    Guy: I loved it, well done.
    Traci Miller: you are so correct it is NEED for disabled parking.
    It is a luxury, pwp parking. Not a need contrary to the belief of all those precious mothers.

    OMG, I have just realised all those negative mothers view having children as a disease.. Listen to all those symptoms, tired, stressed, spewed on, shit on. An inability to walk distances, park cars or do anything without the help of a man, nanny or benefits relating to children..

    I never consider myself a super parent, Those titles are reserved for my mother and grandmother.The people that really raised children without the assitance of dvds to sit children infront of so they could facebook and stereotype people.
    I have managed to raise 2 children, with a husband that works away. Run a house, a business, owner build a house, gather groceries, use a lawn mower, and lead a fullfilling life without the assistance of facebook! Oh I have one of those large 4WDs but mine is quite unique.. It has been off road!
    Keep it up Kate.. By the way you would make an awesome parent if ever you choose to become one, I am sure your children would be well informed self relient good people.