Saturday, 22 October 2011

Occupy Laman Street

Laman Street October 7th 2011 - photo by Phil Hearne Newcastle Herald Website

While the rest of the world protests against economic inequality and corporate greed, the residents of Newcastle have their own social issue to fight. Comparably less significant, but an issue that has brought many residents together to stand alongside the trees of Laman Street, Cooks Hill and demand an honest risk assessment before council remove the iconic figs altogether.

Following on from my previous post 'Save Us From Ourselves' the fate of the Laman Street figs has been back and forth to council until, finally, the removal equipment arrived in Laman Street a couple of weeks ago. They were met with protesters attempting to block the street's access, who were then pushed out of the way by police. The crowd watched on as the workers started chopping massive limbs from the figs. However, council's general manager has put the complete removal of the trees on hold with concerns over safety of staff, Councillors, contractors and members of the public.

And so the saga continues. The trees have a temporary reprieve. Here's a gallery of some creative signage the public have created in the area surrounding Laman Street and Civic Park.

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  1. I love it! This is an occupy movement that I can get behind;)