Friday, 15 July 2011

Nature is amazing

As a person who works in the environmental sector (ecology in particular) I'm always on the lookout for interesting natural things around the world. I love being continually wowed by the extreme variety, beauty and randomness of nature. Check out the photo of the Borneo rainbow toad (Ansonia latidisca) below:

Photo and story credit - Conservation International

It looks like a Photoshop masterpiece! Despite it's bright colours, look how well it blends with it's environment. This species has been rediscovered in a remote forest on Borneo Island 87 years after it's last sighting. With frogs being one of the most easily affected animals from climate change, disease and habitat loss (globally up to 120 species suspected to be extinct since the 1980s), it is refreshing to see an endangered species soldiering on in a wilderness environment.

I'd swap them for the cane toads any day . . .

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