Monday, 4 February 2013

Farewell for Now

Well, since it has been almost 12 months without any activity on this blog I've decided to close it down.   When I started the blog I remember reading somewhere that around 90% of blogs begin and end in the first year of its running and this one has more-or-less fallen into that category. I can't say how much I really appreciate the people that took time to read my ramblings and get involved in the conversation.

I've decided to use my talents elsewhere and start a new blog that documents the environmental and seasonal changes in my local area. The nature of my work means I see the detail in our plants, animals and ecosystems that others do not see and I want to share this with people. This blog should be a little less controversial and have a more positive outlook on the world. With the help of my new shiny camera I hope to document the ecology of my surroundings in 'The Ecology Diaries'.

See you all there!

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