Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sydney Icons

Sometimes I forget and take for granted the stunning icons we have in Australia.  The simple things that make you feel like you're home. The smell of eucalyptus, warm westerly winds and cold meats and salads at Christmas. Or for me recently, enjoying the newly warm weather on Sydney Harbour and having lunch at a pub overlooking Manly beach.

When I go to Sydney I don't really take much notice of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House, but this time when viewing it from the Manly Ferry, it took on a new perspective. From Circular Quay we changed ferries to the Darling Harbour service. Here are some photos of the icons we passed on the way:

Sydney Opera House

Luna Park

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House from Darling Harbour

Here is a video of The Ship Song Project, which highlights the Sydney Opera House as a musical, art and cultural hub for Australia. Apologies to the non-Australians who may not recognise the iconic artists in this video. Still, it's beautiful to listen to:


  1. Beautiful! Visiting Australia is on my bucket list. Someday....

  2. Luna Park looks FUN!
    Someday I'd love to see Australia and NZ...

  3. As we were going past Luna Park there was a group getting wedding photos taken out the front. What a funky background!