Thursday, 25 August 2011

Odd things I don't like

Do you have certain things in life that just rub you the wrong way? Even if it's not exactly rational? Words, numbers, animals, people, social norms, etc, etc? Here are some of mine:

Prime numbers - stupid, non-conformist numbers that don't look good on anything. I secretly hated turning 23 and was so relieved to make it to 24. 29 coming up in the next few year though. Yikes.

Sloths - possibly the creepiest, slow-moving, alien creature on planet Earth. Why don't they have an obvious head shape? It just looks like an extension of their neck. And wolverine-style claws? I'm so glad I can't accidentally come across them in Australia.

Sticky date pudding - looks chocolately, smells chocolately, but isn't. Disappointing on all levels.

Bureaucracy - "Excuse me, you need to re-do this form, you signed slightly outside the box". Get out of my life, please.

The term 'preggers' - As in "Did you hear that Jodi is preggers?" Please don't cheapen the situation by using such a tacky word to describe it.

'Parents with Prams' special carparks - I hesitate at this one because not having a child myself I can hardly judge how difficult it is to cart kids around a shopping centre. But the pram is on wheels and provides a handy place to hold heavy shopping items. Unlike me with my hands dropping off walking 10 kilometres to my car. I'd rather see the priority parks go to the elderly or disabled.

The 5-day working / 2 days off standard week - So much for work-life-balance.

Being asked to give money as a wedding/engagement gift - Getting married? Here's a cash prize. Seriously though, it feels sterile, boring and unthoughtful. Let people be creative!

What rubs you the wrong way?


  1. Everything lately... but most white men in the 45-70 age bracket are the worst lately. Everytime I have to deal with them I get the feeling that they think their more important/smarter/valuable... a lot of them have an arrogance about them when theyre dealing with younger women. Not cool.

  2. I've met a few of those in my time. Jerks.

  3. Politics. As in when politicians can't come together in a bi-partisan effort and compromise for the good of the country. Or at least for the sake of not making the country look like a fool to the international community.

    People who feel the need to tell me my dog is too skinny. I bite my tongue not to tell them that their dog is a keg on legs.

    People who ask me when we are going to have kids. Yes I am aware that I am newly married. I am also aware that I am 30 and that the ability to reproduce doesn't last forever. I might just tell the next person that asks that they are rude.

    People who don't use their blinkers. They were put there for a reason.

    People who don't use crosswalks.

    Leeches on society. Um, how about getting up off of your ass and doing something productive with your life rather than expecting my tax dollars to cover your welfare. And no, converting oxygen to carbon dioxide is not a profession.

    People who don't control their children.

  4. Kinsey, I agree with everything you have listed. Couldn't have said it better!